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The teaching package "Combined transport" contains basic knowledge on transport processes, information on accompanied and unaccompanied combined transport, rolling road, roll-on roll-off as well as information on transport units such as containers, swap bodies or semi-trailers. It comprises PowerPoint slides, a reader, and several different exercises.

  • PowerPoint Presentation Combined Transport

    The PowerPoint Presentation "Combined Transport" contains basic content and selected in-depth information on combined rail freight transport.

    - You can freely use, adapt and share the set of slides.

  • Reader Combined Transport

    The reader is recommended to supplement the Power Point slides on “Combined Transport" and contains further information on the topics covered in the slide set.

    - you are free to use, adapt and share this reader.

  • Exercise: Connect 4

    This exercise is recommended as a supplement to the film sets "Fundamentals of rail transport" and "Combined transport". With this Connect 4, pupils can test their knowledge of rail freight transport.

    In the download area you will find information on how to use this exercise in class as well as information for the pupils.

       - you are free to use, adapt and share this exercise.

  • How Container Ports Work: Logistics of Intermodal Transport

    Have you ever wondered how a shipping container port works? Find out in this video! From unloading a cargo ship, to loading containers into a container storage yard, to getting them on the truck, this video explores the processes of intermodal transport. It also explores how automation might disrupt the shipping industry, and what challenges implementing automation in container ports presents.

    Playtime: 12:06:13


  • Video "I am an intermodal terminal"

    This is a video about the benefits of moving freight by rail.



  • Case Study "Experience China differently for once"

    This cross-modal case study is about the characteristics of individual transport modes, analysis of the challenges of international business activities, implementation of a transport cost calculation and sustainability considerations in transport decisions.

     The file "Information Case Study "Experience China differently for once"” (in German: “China einmal anders erleben”)…

  • Online reference manual RERail

    This is an overview of how you can possibly integrate the available materials into your classes. Moreover, you will be informed which teaching packages can best be integrated thematically into curricula of different school types and levels.