• What is RERail actually?

    On our information platform you can download various teaching materials on "rail freight transport". These services include, for example, course materials, case studies, teaching materials and lectures. Our offers can be used, adapted and shared free of charge. more
  • Why "Open Content" and what does that mean?

    The main part of our offers is available under a so called "Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence". Thus, all content created by us is free to use, adapt and integrate into your classes/lectures and to hand them over to third parties (students, colleagues,...). We just ask you to keep the RERail-logo visible at the materials. Solely not from us produced content, e.g. main part of the films is not open content. more
  • How to book guest lectures?

    There is a selection of different lectures with short descriptions under the heading "Lecture". If you are interested in a specialist lecture, please contact us at RERail@fh-vie.ac.at. more
  • How can I integrate and use the content in my classes?

    Our online manual provides you with an overview of how teaching packages can best be integrated thematically into the curricula of different school types and levels. more
  • Why is rail so environmentally friendly?

    Mobility is a prerequisite for the exchange of goods, employment and prosperity. Efficient transport systems are therefore essential. Transport, however, has an impact on climate, environment and health. more
  • What makes rail so safe?

    Safety considerations play a major role in transport choice. In principle, rail is to be classified as a very safe means of transport. Rail freight transport is many times safer than road freight transport. Hence, dangerous goods are often transported by rail. more